Golden rules on tanning correctly

You should not sunbathe if any of the following applied to you:
– Non-pigmented skin-type I or skin-type II with freckles
– Unusual or large numbers of moles
– Family history with many cases of melanoma
– Age under eighteen

  • The key to healthy and successful tanning is not to overdo it; be sensible. That means not more than one sunbathing session per day. As a rule of thumb, you should not take more than ten sunbathing sessions within a space of three to four weeks. In the time that follows, you should take one to two sunbathing sessions per week to keep the tan.
  • Keep to the tanning session times recommended for your skin type. Fifty tanning sessions per year is a safe figure according to Germany’s Strahlenschutzkommission (commision on radiological protection). Your ideal tanning period will depend on your skin type, the sunbed and the lamp type used. If in doubt, ask the staff at the tanning salon.
  • Keep your eyes closed and always wear protective glasses throughout the tanning session.
  • If you are taking medication, read the packing slip or ask your doctor before your tanning session.
  • Do not use sun block on a sunbed.
  • Remove all cosmetics (apart from special solar cosmetics) from your skin and take off any jewellery before your tanning session.
  • Take good care of your skin before and after the tanning session to protect and preserve your beautiful tan. Solar cosmetics are especially suitable, as these products are especially matched to the requirements of tanned skin. Ask the salon staff for details.

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